Screening Guidelines


For Welch Apartments

Executive East LLC, Seminole Valley LLC, & Welch’s Prairie Ridge LLC


  1. Identification: A valid driver’s license or other government issued ID card with a photo is required to view a property.


  1. Application: Each adult must complete a separate application. Management reserves the right to reject any application that is incomplete, falsified or does not meet the screening guidelines. 


  1. Residency: Prospects must list the addresses from a minimum of 2 years of residence history. Rental history must be verifiable from unbiased sources. Roommates, friends, or relatives do not qualify as landlord references.  We are looking for established rental histories, including: steady payment history, no noise complaints, fulfilled lease term/s, etc. In absence of sufficient rental history, a co-signer may be considered.


  1. Income: Income recommendation is 2½ times the monthly rent amount or demonstration of previous ability to pay on lesser income. A minimum of 1 year of verifiable employment / income history must be provided. We must be able to independently verify the amount and stability of your income. Verification can be done through pay stubs, employer/source contact, or tax records.  If self-employed, verification can be done through tax records and/or bank records.


  1. Credit: A credit report will be obtained from Trans Union to evaluate your Credit History.  We are looking for prompt payment of debts and no unsatisfied or unpaid judgments.  In the case of no credit or poor credit, a qualified co-signer may be considered.


  1. Convictions: No person shall be accepted for residency who within the last 3 years has been convicted of:
    • Violence to persons or destruction of property
    • The manufacture or distribution of a controlled substance


  1. Co-signers may be considered in the absence of rental history, income, or credit, not in the case of poor rental histories. Co-signers must qualify under the same criteria as the applicant, except the Co-signor’s income level must be enough to pay their own expenses as well as the applicants in the event of applicant’s default. 


Other Information:


  1. An apartment is not taken off the market until prospect has an approved application and has paid security deposit to landlord.


  1. A maximum of 2 people can reside in a one-bedroom apartment and a maximum of 4 people in a two bedroom.


  1. Pets:  All pets must be pre-approved by management prior to move-in. Pets must comply with current Pet Addendum to lease. Service animals are accepted if in accordance to Wisconsin Fair Housing laws.